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17 Jan 2018 - 17 Feb 2018

'A Seat at the Table' curated by Gayle Meikle

Public Preview: 17 Jan 2018 - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

A Seat at the Table

18 January – 17 February 2018



A Seat at the Table is an exhibition and event programme curated by Gayle Meikle

for Gallery North featuring contributions from The Bunker, Erica Eyres, David Lisser, NEUSCHLOSS and Olivia Turner.


Presented as a set of conversations this project collectively interrogates the institutional complexities of how one engages with artistic learning and practice within the university. Using the table as a motif to discuss the relational, material, phenomenological and political implications of such and the coded inference of who takes up space or who is invited to the table. This is an invitation to join us, to share, sit with and work through multiple viewpoints as artists, students, academics, and researchers, who are engaged with the university gallery as a tool for active learning.


The exhibition places emphasis on configurations of bodies. The institutional body, the student body, the archival body and the individual. It begins with Erica Eyre’s Conference Drawings a suite of drawings she sketches at conferences. Through this collectionwe are reminded of our role in performing knowledge, how our bodies hold themselves within the academic arena and our insecurities in doing so. 

Olivia Turner’s Eyepiece brings the viewer inside of themselves to consider the internal and non-ocular experience of the institution. Conceived whilst on residency at Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research (Newcastle University) Turner was inspired by individuals who are highly in-tune with their bodies and using sensorial experience to navigate the world around them. For the exhibition we have displayed the work on the floor, this reconfiguration draws attention to the different strata of knowledges hidden below the surface of the body.

Artist group NEUSCHLOSS use the 1.1 facsimiled body of David Dye’s Tattoo, a piece made whilst Dye was teaching at Newcastle Polytechnic and simultaneously undertaking an MFA at Goldsmiths in the 1980s. Through using the artwork in this manner NEUSCHLOSS are revealing the archival and pedagogical histories of Northumbria University and bringing this into conversation with current academic research and practice.

Throughout the space the recorded voice is omnipresent; Amongst the gathered resources a conversation between artist David Lisser and curator Gayle Meikle plays. This conversation explores the themes of work, precarity and speculation as they discuss a failed attempted to work with each other. Lisser was originally invited to create a new work to be included in the exhibition but was unable to complete the commission due to budgetary constraints.

The student-led broadcasting collective, The Bunker, will host a weekly broadcast every Thursday and occasional Friday throughout the duration of the exhibition. These broadcasts will record conversations pertaining to the themes of Friendship, Pedagogies, Ownership & Authorship and Local Culture. The group will invite guests from their extended network to join in their endeavour to explore these topics and the surrounding institutional structures, challenges and opportunities that they are presented with. During the broadcast you are welcome to interact with The Bunker in the gallery or alternatively listen online via their Youtube channel – goo.gl/u83zv7


Programme of events:


Preview:                                                                                                             Wednesday 17 January 6 – 8 pm

Broadcast w/ The Bunker:                                                                                    Thursday 18 January 1 pm

Broadcast w/ The Bunker:                                                                                    Thursday 25 January 1 pm

Broadcast w/ The Bunker and guests:                                                                   Friday 26 January 1 pm

Broadcast w/ The Bunker:                                                                                    Thursday 1 February 1 pm

Broadcast w/ The Bunker and guests:                                                                    Friday 2 February 1 pm

Exploring the Lexicon of the Mouth w/ Olivia Turner and Gayle Meikle:                     Wednesday 7 February 3 pm

Broadcast w/ The Bunker:                                                                                    Thursday 8 February 1 pm

Broadcast w/ The Bunker and guests:                                                                    Friday 9 February 1 pm             

Crazy in Love:

Using love as a curatorial method:                                                                        Wednesday 14 February 3 pm

Broadcast w/ The Bunker:                                                                                    Thursday 15 February 1 pm


NB: Alongside this programme of events NEUSCHLOSS will use their table to present various activities and documents produced from within the group – both from individual practices and collaborations. Amongst other things this will include evidence of archival research into the practice of German artist and filmmaker Ella Bergman Michel and tabletop gaming demonstrations by Arcturus Industries. These events will be ad hoc and advertised through the timetabling mechanisms of the fine art department:

Workshop: Exploring the Lexicon of the Mouth with Olivia Turner and Gayle Meikle

Wednesday 7 February 3 pm, Gallery North


Talk: Crazy in Love: Using love as a curatorial, Gayle Meikle

Wednesday 14 February 3 pm, Gallery North




About the artists:


The Bunker is a student-led broadcast collective comprised of Katie Bell, Olivia Chakraborty, Sophie Crocker, Charlie Dimbleby – Meakin and Ed Lawrenson. It seeks to create conversations around topics in relation to the art world. Using the broadcast format to formalise time to come together and publically discuss the wider questions they are addressing in their developing practice.


Erica Eyres is an artist who is living and working in Glasgow. In her work Eyres uses deadpan humour and narrative fallacies to problematise the notion of the autobiographical. She is currently undergoing a practice-led PhD in Fine Art at Northumbria University where most recently, her practice has focused on the awkwardness of producing artwork while undertaking a PhD, as well as her own comedic inability to assume the role of aspiring academic. This has led Eyres to consider the relationship between deadpan and alienation as a central tenant in her ongoing research.



David Lisser is an artist living and working in Newcastle upon Tyne. Working primarily in sculpture Lisser’s research spans the subject areas of science, industry, food and folklore with an ongoing exploration into future technologies and speculation.



NEUSCHLOSS is a group of artists, writers and curators working at or with Northumbria University, with specific relation to experimental exhibition-making, curatorial and discursive contemporary art practices.

David Dye (1945 – 2015) was a tutor at Newcastle Polytechnic and Northumbria University for over 30 years. In 1986, while still teaching at Newcastle Polytechnic, he undertook an MA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths in London, where he produced the artwork Tattoo for his final exhibition.


Olivia Turner is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Newcastle upon Tyne undertaking a practice-led PhD at Newcastle University, recipient of the Research Excellence Academy Studentship. She is currently artist in residence at the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research and funded by Wellcome Trust and Newcastle University’s Institute of Creative Practice Award. Her current research is an anatomical imagining of the human body, whereby Turner is questioning the body’s borders and its relationship between the internal and external, and the fragmented parts and somatic whole.



Gayle Meikle is a curator who lives and works in Newcastle upon Tyne. She is in the second year of her practice-led PhD at Northumbria University. This exhibition is devised as part of Meikle’s research whereby she is investigating the university gallery through the curatorial. The aim of the research is to construct a feminist curatorial methodology that could be employed to actively incubate and generate artistic learning within a university context.



Gallery Opening Days and Times: Wednesday – Saturday, 10am - 4pm