Sebastian Trend

I am interested in the concept of change: the nature of permanence and impermanence, questioning how one holds on to the transitory.

Images are mutated or degraded using a variety of processes; the emulsion of photographs is melted and partially destroyed; printed portraits are imbedded in wax candles. Borne out of the tradition of Vanitas art, my work expresses the futility of our attempts to make the past or our memories permanent through the images we create, revealing those images' fragility and the ever-present possibility of their destruction. 



Emerging Artists Section - Arts Council England, Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair 09, Sage, Gateshead.
Kiss of a Lifetime - VANE Gallery, Newcastle, group print show, that went on to the Bearspace gallery, London.
SCORE - VANE Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne.
In the name of the Lager the Wine and the Packet of Crisps, Northumbria University.

Group Print Show

Punctum - Degree Show, Northumbria University, Newcastle. 

The People Show - University Gallery, Newcastle.

Winner of the Peoples Prize.  

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