Richard Moat

The further South you travel towards the South Pole, the more your body becomes increasingly disorientated.

The light in Antarctica has a surreal presence and can play tricks on your mind. It has a strangely physical presence that can help cause optical effects such as Ice Blink and Water Sky. Sailors have used this phenomena to guide their ships around pack ice over the horizon.

Ice Blink - white ice from an ice-berg' reflects off the suns rays up on to the clouds and re-creates the shape in the air.

Water sky  - where there is no ice for the suns rays to reflect and the sky is dark, sailors know that the open sea is safe.

White Out - where you can see no horizon due to the heavy snow and ice.  Normal methods of judging up-and-down or left-and-right seem to disappear. The air is crystal clear and due to the lack of moisture your eyes can see further than they have ever before but it is like opening your eyes into complete whiteness as there is nothing to see. Paradoxically while everything is white, a sense of claustrophobia starts to close in and it is like being in a completely dark room.  And yet it is white, as if the entire world has been deleted to whiteness.


Corn Exchange Edinburgh.

Cobalt- Newcastle.      
Berwick The Maltings.       
Sakaside Art Grand Prix (Japan).

51A Lime Street Area 51 Group show.    
NECP1 Collaboration with UCLA.
Art at No1, Tynemouth Group Show.   
Spring Fever.
4th Floor Gallery, Northumbria University. 
Wincoll 1 Art Competition Winchester College .

Yr 2 Group Exhibition Squires Gallery Northumbria University.
?The Peoples Show? West Baring Wing. 

Think Tank Gallery Birmingham.

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