Leanne Marie De La Hay

By taking a step back from the role of performer to video individuals' reactions, I use the camera to separate performance from audience, creating a border or stage between the two.

I capture the reaction of the audience in a slow video sequence - one photograph cannot sum up the vast weight of the sitter's response towards the performance, a response rooted in perceived emotional but non-physical intimacy. By imposing the body on to the sitter, they are forced to perform in reaction to the nude. Does the individual viewer respond honestly in front of the camera or attempt to control the way they are represented? Having reduced the audience down to its smallest unit, the individual, the sitter can no longer hide behind a group mentality, inhibiting the possibility of passive reaction.

Co founder and director of the 'Moving Gallery'
The Moving gallery is currently being developed in the city centre of Newcastle upon Tyne with the aim of offering young graduates, undergraduates and the community the support and skills to both exhibit and operate a gallery system.

The gallery is funded by grants given from the Newcastle City Council.

Platform North East-Star and shadow cinema - Performance and real time video.
Truman Brewery-Brick Lane, London - Photographic series.
New Gallery North-Northumbria University - Video projection.
Retreat-Newcastle upon Tyne-Exhibition curator, performance piece and video projection.
UK Tournament of tease - National burlesque competition - Winner.
Lost in the forest festival - Scarborough, Burlesque performances.
Oxjam festival - Burlesque performances.

Squires Gallery- Northumbria university-My mind is naked- joint curator, collaborative performance art piece.
Filming, I.T.V Documentary, 'Wayward women'.
The Jeepers Peepers club - Burlesque performances; Newcastle College, Newcastle; The Junction, York; Stockton-Cherry B's; The Cluny, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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