Cai Nyahoe

Faced with the question of how to operate as an artist within an exuberant art market my recent work: Towards a Semi-Autonomous Self-Perpetuating Art (Phone Sex) plays with the parameters of an instantaneous society.



'Towards a semi-autonomous self perpetuating practice (phone sex)' Workplace Satellite, Newcastle +

'Water-boarding', GSN, Newcastle, interactive installation.
'Explanatory lecture on functional applications of post-structural theory (no show)', Platform Newcastle.
Apex gallery, New York, Video.
Martin Zet, Rome, May 2008, Performance.
'Stations of the Cross' Waygood Gallery, Newcastle, Performance/Video.

CrASH, Camberwell, London + Shoreditch, London, franchised performance (A H Braithwaite) + Waygood Gallery, Newcastle.
'Gibbo makes a scene' Shoreditch, London, Paintings.
'simulated simulated terrorism', Newcastle, Workshop/Performance.
'StudioSherpa' (with Ben Jeans Houghton) Waygood studios, Martin Zet Workshop.
'Adiea au tabagisme' Baltic, Gateshead, Performance.
'It?s dead. We killed it.' Degree show, Northumbria University, 'Wagner in the toilet'.
'Watch this space', Star and Shadow, Newcastle, 'Spy vs Spy'.
Projection Gallery, Liverpool Biennial.
Platform00000006, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle. 'A Tribute to Yves Klien' Performance.

International festival of new art. 'Deviant (art)' Trollhattan, Sweden.
'Club Dada' George pub, Whitechapel, London, March 2006.
'Fine Line Present...', Newcastle University.
'Sky Burial', Baltic Square, Gateshead.

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