Alex Breeze

My work examines the term 'ownership' and what it means to make your work. Does it matter if your work is made for you, or is the end result of greater importance?

This is all backed up by a dislike for the academic, elitist nature, and pomposity of the art world.

My aim is to carry on making work that interests and excites me, whilst showing my work and the work of others in my own gallery. A gallery that invites through its doors not just the art world, but the everyday person.




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The Old Truman Brewery, London.

The Van Der Waals attraction, The Canteen, Barrow-in-Furness.
Art for youth, Baldersby Hall, North Yorkshire.

Prideaux Place, Padstow, Cornwall.

Byre Theatre, St Andrews, Fife.
The South Street Gallery, St Andrews, Fife.

Art for youth, Mall Galleries, London.

Art for youth, Ampleforth Abby, North Yorkshire.

The Phoenix Gallery, Richmond, North Yorkshire.
Zillah Bell Gallery, Thirsk, North Yorkshire.
Art for youth, Tennants, North Yorkshire.
Art for youth, Mall Galleries, London.
The Red House, Bedale, North Yorkshire.

Work Experience

Co-founder of Moving Gallery in Newcastle, supporting emerging artists, 2010.
Enchanted Parks, Saltwell Park, NGI, Gateshead 2007.
Glow, Saltwell Park, NGI, Gateshead, 2006.
Fundraiser and volunteer, Equafor (rainforest charity), Ecuador, South America, 1999.

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