James Johnson Perkins

James Johnson-Perkins studied B.A. Fine Art at Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury between 1993-1996 and M.A. Fine Art at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne between 1999-2001.

He has exhibited nationally and internationally. Recently he has toured Hal 9000, with ART EXPO, to major art spaces in the USA, Russia, Spain, Romania and Lithuania, including the Long Island Digital Media Festival at the IMAC Cinema, New York and at the Moscow Centre for Contemporary Arts, Russia. Recent solo shows include Nospace Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, The King's Lynn Art Centre, UK, Red Gallery, Hull, UK, The Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and with the Digital Art Gallery. He has recently directed his first full length feature, 15. He was also commissioned to build Giant Angel Robot for the Anthony Gormley Angel of the North 10 year anniversary event.