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21 Jan 2016 - 12 Feb 2016

Gallery North presents new works by Yvonne Hindle.

Public Preview: 20 Jan 2016 - 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Supertranslations at Gallery North brings together new and recent works by Birmingham-based artist Yvonne Hindle. These works are informed by her research over the last 10 years into the histories of abstraction, immanence, the Neo-Baroque, the sublime, Taoism and her interest in quantum theory. Complementing this eclectic layering of subject matter is the ongoing exploration of paint as physical material and as agent for pictorial illusion.

Hindle's work explores the conflation between the luminal and physical matter, between the ebb and flow of ideas that motivate the desire to make and the point at which form becomes autonomous and self-referential.  These new works pursue her interest in how these perceived edges and boundaries create multi-layered interplays between conceptual and physical edges in painting.

For Hindle these formations can be read in different ways, from the actual conditions of paint and its materiality to the connotations of the micro; from the paint itself to the imaginary space of, say, a rock-face, a cliff edge, precious stone or pearl.  What may appear to be an accidental drip or a spontaneous gestural mark on closer inspection may in fact be a carefully crafted pre-fabricated element that is collaged to the painting surface.  The paintings can take months and many layers of paint and medium to find their form, but also appear as if they have taken moments to make. 

For Hindle these works are melancholic bodies like satellites, moons or small worlds that have their own internal temporality, worlds that sit on the edge of dissolution and formation.

Exhibition photography by Joseph Crookall.