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03 Nov 2011 - 24 Nov 2011

Gallery North is hosting Two Peacocks, an exhibition curated by John Walter.


Two Peacocks is a major new collaborative group installation curated by John Walter. It includes new commissions from emerging and established artists working in a wide range of media. The project is disseminated through a series of educational events, including a public symposiumon on Friday 4 November, for more information click here.

View a video of the opening night here!

The exhibition is in the form of a Department Store. Artists participating include ex-graduates of Northumbria Fine Art.

Two Peacocks uses relational aesthetics as a strategy for questioning the limits of the white cube. It is an uber brand, appropriating whatever it wants, then filtering it and synthesizing it into a very specific aesthetic. It is an anti-recession exhibition, satirizing and celebrating consumerism and branding. Two Peacocks is a riot of colour, linguistic clashes, a maze. But the strong branding, signage and floor plan guiding people through the space anchor its energy. It is through this dialectical of chaos and order that Two Peacocks draws its strength and originality.

Two Peacocks builds visual and theoretical tension from the collapse of authorship and the clarity of commerce. It marries Institutional Critique with the funfair. It is the carnivalesque of capitalism. Two Peacocks uses the commercial framework of a Department Store as a device for dissolving the barrier between the artist and the audience. It is an aesthetic hook from which to engage in new ways of thinking about the production and display of art.

Each department is not the sole work of one participant but either the collaborative efforts of two or more people or the curatorial overlap of different works and voices in close proximity to each another.

For more information, please visit the Two Peacocks website:

Supported by the Arts Council Lottery Funded - Arts Council England