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30 Oct 2014 - 21 Nov 2014

Luke McCreadie (2014), a major, new commission created by Luke for the second annual Warwick Stafford Fellowship, makes its premiere at Gallery North in Newcastle and McCreadie?s new multi-part, multi-disciplinary installation cycle comprises the exhibition Luke and McCreadie and the premiere of Luke McCreadie the film I n H i n t e r l a n d at????

Public Preview Evening: Wednesday 29 October 6pm - 8pm - open to the public

This exhibition is made possible by the Warwick Stafford Research Fellowship

"Luke's[walk] [sic] is an extraordinary achievement."
Curator Gael Mannerlüng. (a character imagined by the artist as an expert on Thomas Eade)
"Luke has created something of a tangible cellular network, a twenty-first second century cabinet de lecture, an aesthetic text that, like the great contributions to 20th Century culture, of significantly underrepresented figures like Thomas Eade, transforms how we see and imagine the world. We are extremely proud to present this monumental series by Luke McCreadie."
Thomas Eade {1883-1984} ran and owned a Library in Toxteth, Devon, famed for its lack of shelving and many rooms of piled, decomposing books, all reference only and some piled so high they were dangerous.
"McCreadie's artworks reflect his deep engagement with art history, mysticism, and conceptual, as well as perceptual, issues. The work isexperienced. Once inside, they stand at the centre of an image-sound-object world, and become prop and set for film that has alreadybeen made. The story, if there is one, is a conversation told by each gesture phasing against one another, embedded within the largernarrative gesture of the room, the set, the gallery, the institution. To enter the exhibition, visitors literally step into the gallery. Viewersare free to move around the space and look at each work individually or to stand back and experience the exhibition as a hole."
Gael Mannerlüng (Curator).
Mannerlüng sees each of McCreadie's works as a book, found and fostered but with missing pages, "Torn and sullied fragments of abook that is perhaps a manuscript, bible or instruction manual." Mannerlüng draws comparison with how Thomas Eade (a fictional librarian imagined by the artist) views meaning:
"The information between the books is the missing link, the order and categorisation of books is not irrelevant and should be based on how closely the information on the last page of one book leads on to the information on the firstpage of the next. A string of connected events as it where, piled in chaos and eventually turning the earth off its axis."
The Ruins of the Bibliotheca Universalis - Thomas Eade 1923.
As such McCreadie?s new installation works, or is, in tandem with his film In Hinterland (2014). Shot on camera it involved the use of a variety of locations for recording, different camera angles and several different pieces of equipment were used to achieve the shots, including a jib arm, a glidecam, a cine-mount and a tripod. Mannerlüng has commented that the resultant installation "reflects McCreadie's creation of a fully realised world of ideas and things. These ideas and things [are] conveyed through the work as somekind of narrative, each element functioning as a component, a fragment within an epic hole."
The exhibition was touring, organised by Gael Mannerlüng, curator of the Faxleaf centre for Contemporary art in Salisbury, Wiltshire, and leading expert on the life and times of Thomas Eade, 1843-1944. The exhibition is installed in Gallery North?s ground-floor space designed and built by K.E.L with roots back to 1977 and rebuilt in April 2008.
The exhibition is accompanied by In Hinterland, a fully illustrated catalogue with detailed documentation of the creation of Luke McCreadie . The catalogue includes an essay by Tim Dixon and contributions by Luke and Alice McCreadie.
Luke McCreadie was born 1985, Bath. Lives and works in Newcastle Upon tyne. He studied at the Slade School of Fine Art London, for a BA (2004-2008) and an MA (2009-2011). He is the current Warwick Stafford Fellow with The Baltic and Northumbria University. Selected solo shows include Blob-content, ACME Project Space, London, Little Puppet Made of Pine, Supplement Gallery, London. Selected group shows include The Manchester Contemporary, with Division of Labour and Grand Union, Manchester, 100 Foot (Curated by Jim Hobbs), Whitstable Biennale, Whitstable, BCB Gallery, Athens, Greece, (((o))), Clonlea Studios, Dublin, Magic Eye, Grand Union, Birmingham, Temporary Sites (a proposal), Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes, Switch, Baltic 39, Newcastle. Awards include The Adrian Carruthers Studio award with ACME London and The Warwick Stafford Fellowship.

Public Preview Evening: Wednesday 29 October 6pm - 8pm - open to the public
Exhibition: Weekdays Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm (Closed Monday) until 21 November 2014

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