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16 Jun 2015 - 27 Jun 2015

Gallery North presents Gridlock as part of the 12-15 Reveal exhibition of work by Northumbria Fine Art undergraduates.

The space represents a variety of works including painting, video, photography and sculpture. The pieces of work have no underlying connection but within this there is a means of a relationship. Francesca Casimir uses simple slabs of colour & accidental fluctuations, shaping the detail towards the blank imageless image. Tommy Keenan's sculptures form an ensemble contemplating the somewhat unbalanced issues our society often avoids addressing. Within Euan Lynn's work skateboarding - both as subject and as artistic process - is used to explore ways in which people perceive and interpret their environments. Skateboarding highlights how it's possible to re-read and radically redefine the most mundane of spaces, altering the insignificant aspects of architecture into something that transcends its intended purpose. Kitty McMurray uses short interactions, influenced by strong, repetitive, brutalist architecture, to question the aesthetic of surfaces and structures found in urban environments. Kerrie Nacey's balancing scaffolding becomes a device to map the space, creating obstacles that interrupt the fluidity and offers an impolite invitation to explore. Taking on the role of both artist and inventor, Samantha Potts manipulates existing tools and devices to inform new thinking. The work exists in an awkward limbo between absurdity and normality - continuously forging pathways between the unreal realm of art and real life. Murray Thompson's imagery has been taken from areas miles apart but brought together to forge an alternate reality of the artist?s making. This unconscious desire to recreate the world is brought about by the artist's anxiety and feelings of powerlessness in an increasingly oppressive, divided and isolating cultural landscape. The lo-fi makeup within Thomas Zielinksi's work and the scale of the banners allude to signs used during protests, while their gold and silver surfaces spark connotations of wealth and success.
'This is a re-living, we are a phoenix in this alchemy; each second erased, ash, re-incarnated. The body changes, melted, forged and recast; yet the substance, the crux of the thing remains the same. This is a life re- hosted, memory taken, channelled and recreated. Time fades the event within reality; its matter is translated, into thought, into memory, I open my mouth and the memory pours out, crawling into other ears, to subsist in other hosts. It passes, like binary; merely a representation of the object it was. In someone else's mind a memory is re-imagined again; a non- identical repetition. Utterly different, yet in essence, the same'  Lucy Moss

We are delighted to announce that acclaimed sister duo 'The Unthanks' will open the REVEAL: Arts show this year.

*The Unthanks perform 'The Magpie' on Later with Jools Holland

REVEAL continues in Squires Building, Squires Workshop and Squires Annexe. Maps and directional signage are available from Squires Reception and throughout the exhibition space.

To view the artists exhibiting in the show click here

For more information contact nu.events@northumbria.ac.uk