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18 Feb 2010 - 25 Feb 2010

An exhibition marking the developing engagement between the Shieldfield community and Northumbria University.

Engage is part of the School of Arts and Social Sciences' ongoing community engagements projects with local voluntary and community organisations and the residents of Shieldfield. We hope this will help to strengthen relationships between the University and the local community.

Currently we are negotiating with Shieldfield resident groups and with the local primary school, a number of collaborative visual arts and media projects involving, for example, video and photography, fine art and community documentary, performing arts/social theatre, photo-voice and oral history projects and a community exhibition.

This is a long term commitment, and the ambition is that these projects will encourage greater participation between residents, Northumbria staff and students. They will enhance mutual understanding, give voice to different members of the community and enable the sharing of knowledge and skills and the exchange of ideas.

Engage brings together narrative accounts and images contributed by residents with material from local archives, and photographs and video produced by students and Graduate Fellows from the Department of Arts in the School of Arts and Social Sciences. The focus is on representations, memories and perceptions of place, past and present.

Engage builds upon new participatory projects between the University, resident groups and local organisations. All form part of a long-term commitment to strengthen relations between Northumbria University and the local community.