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07 Oct 2011 - 26 Oct 2011

Gallery North is hosting Dust on the Mirror, a touring exhibition interrogating surface and illusion in relation to East Asian philosophy. Curated by Christopher Cook. A Public Symposium on Drawing will take place in the afternoon of Wednesday 19 October at 5pm followed by Private View at 6pm.


Sian Bowen
James Brooks
Christopher Cook
Susie David
Susan Derges
Chris Dorsett
Sean Maltby


The title for this exhibition derives from a phrase from the Bhagavad-Gita, in which Krishna uses the metaphor of dust on the mirror to illustrate the relation of the seen to the unseen. The explanation relates to the Hindu concept of maya in which illusion may be generated by ones own preconceptions.

The seven artists in Part 3 of this touring exhibition explore the allegory of dust, both as remnant, transitory particle, and obscuring residue, deploying an economy and lightness of execution that eschews layering and accretion.

What of dust: Left over and shed material that has become so small as to fall or float to the ground to form a light covering, too soft and gentle to harm the surface that is its host. Dust is at once universal and specific: throughout human culture it has been seen as the final entropic state, the inert, pertaining to death. In our imagination it has no real weight or object-hood.

Tony Godfrey (Dust on the Mirror Part 2, ICA Singapore)

Previous venues:

Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham
ICA, Singapore

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