Night School: Flare 2 - Body works excavating the in/visible

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14 May 2016

A series of events at Gallery North from 10am until 11pm

Organised by Harriet Plewis, Helen Collard, Denys Blacker and Sandra Johnston

Including: Victoria Gray / Nathan Walker / Elizabeth Ward /Francesca Steele/ Brian Patterson / Marita Bullmann / James King / Lee Hassall / Christopher Mollon / Grace Dent / Elizabeth Black / Cally Gatehouse / Sarah Riseborough / Stuart Tait / Louise Mackenzie / Janaki Nair / Sally Madge / Dave Fudge / Dean Wilson

Presented as part of the Late Shows 10

For the Late Shows 2016 Gallery North opens its doors to allow a closer look at ways ideas are shared and developed in contemporary art. Night School offers visitors a programme of performances, workshops and close encounters that invite the late night explorer to discover the landscape of the in-visible. Listen to a talk about hidden natural forces, take part in a Techno Ballet workshop, experience moments of telepathy and witness the excursions of intrepid artists and academics travelling to places where the borders of mind and body blur.

To see the FLARE 2 FULL PROGRAMME (and associated events at Baltic 39 and Northumbria University) download Flare 2's pdf guide here