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08 Feb 2016 - 12 Feb 2016

A series of performances, workshops, screenings and presentations at the University Gallery


The sessions are open to anyone. Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and cushion.

Tew Bunnag/Denys Blacker - Six Healing Sounds & Chi Kung

Daily - Mon 8th, Tues 9th, Weds 10th, Thurs 11th, Fri 12th Feb.

Time - 9am -10am

Tew Bunnag was born in Bangkok in 1947 and educated in the U.K. Since 1975 he has been a T’ai Chi and Meditation teacher and has given courses in Europe and the U.S. as well as in his own country. Since 2000 he has been working for an NGO in the Bangkok slums helping street children and children and adults who are HIV positive. In Spain, where he is based he is president of Vinyana, an association providing training to professionals and family carers on integrating Spiritual Companionship at the end of Life. He also helps to prepare people in terminal stages of their illness as well as their family. In the workshop he will be sharing exercises and practices that he uses in his work to promote Presence, Compassion, and Transcendance.

Helen Collard - Yoga and Pranayama

Daily - Tues 9th, Weds 10th, Thurs 11th, Fri 12th Feb.

Time - 12:30pm - 1:15pm

Breath could be said to be our physical counter of time. An entire life is encompassed between a first inhale and a final exhale. In yogic philosophy this concept is found in the word prana. Prana means both breath and life. Pranayama is the practice of expanding or regulating the prana or breath. In these four sessions you will be guided through a practice of yoga and pranayama in which we explore the psycho-physical effects that occur when we develop a conscious awareness of breath; a practice that invites us to attend to the body, attend to the mind and that which is beyond ourselves. Each of the four sessions (45 mins) will involve a short led yoga practice and a longer guided seated pranayama sequence.


Denys Blacker - The Space Between Us

Mon 8th Feb: 11am -12:30pm

My current research is to observe and investigate the relationship of the individual to the group in performance improvisation. The interaction between artists during the creative process requires a particular kind of attention and concentration. The workshop is an introduction to ways that we can develop this attention and experience different ways of interacting with each other. The space between us is a place of discovery and communication, of intuition and trust. We will develop this communication in individual and group exercises.

Harriet Plewis - Dance Face

Tues 9th Feb: 10:15am -12:30pm

Harriet Plewis will lead a workshop that looks at the notion of neutrality via the construct of the neutral mask and its attendant techniques. Widely coveted as a starting point for many practices, this workshop will attempt to unpick what an embodied neutrality might mean and to what extent it is desirable. The workshop will be followed by a presentation by Dr Cormac Power on presence and materiality in performance and will conclude with a collection of screenings related to the themes explored. The workshop is open to anyone. Please come with clothes which you are comfortable moving in.

Jane Arnfield - Introduction of Laban Effect Work

Thurs 11th Feb: 10:15am -12:30pm

If the arts provide a place for human beings to examine and excavate in detail the world in which they live - a place to discuss how to live then voice and gesture are intrinsic in the delivery/process of those discussions. The Laban workshop will seek to discover the tools required to prepare, deliver and understand our physicality. Working with the body as a whole and not in isolation, with reference to process and performance. Laban Efforts will be discussed in detail and practised where possible in order to promote flexibility and optimum physical and vocal functioning within the actor/student in training for performance and for all artists making work. Effort, or in Laban it can be described as dynamics, is a system for understanding the more subtle characteristics about the way a movement is actioned with respect to an inner intention. The difference between punching someone in anger and reaching for a glass is slight in terms of body organization - both rely on an extension of the arm. The attention to the strength of the movement, the control of the movement and the timing of the movement are very different..

* Please wear comfortable clothing and bare feet or trainers. Please bring a device paper, pen, laptop, iPad etc. in order to take notes on the session.

Sarah Riseborough - Exit Strategies

Fri 12th Feb: 10:15am -12:30pm

A movement workshop exploring what might be considered ‘cultural’ and ‘natural’ behaviours, introducing strategies intended to facilitate the transition between the two. The workshop will include short discussions around these themes to frame the movement exercises. Participation entails working with both conscious acknowledgement of our present conditions, and reiterating (and, perhaps, remembering) patterns of movement transcribed from the macro and the micro. From our unseen environment, molecular structures and cosmological orbits, is it possible to transcend inner dialogues initiated in cultural conditioning?


Kings with Straw Mats (70 mins). Director: Ira Cohen,1986.

Weds 10th Feb: 16:30pm

Poet and filmmaker Ira Cohen’s pilgrimage into the heart of India's greatest sacred celebration, the Kumbh Mela takes place every twelve years and is believed to be one of the largest human gatherings on earth.

Vers Mathilde (83 mins). Director: Claire Denis, 2005)

Tues 9th Feb: 16:30pm -18:00pm

A silent meeting of two women; Claire Denis, filmmaker, and Mathilde Monnier, dancer and coreographer. Denis films the bodies and their language in close up. Monnier uses movement, extending beyond the dance form, to seek out new windows onto life.


Cormac Power - Materiality and Performance

Tues 9th Feb: 14:30pm -16:00pm

Christine Borland & Tew Bunnag - Death and Dying

Weds 10th Feb: 10:15am -12:30pm

Helen Collard & Philippa Jackson. Chair: Jo Briggs - Sensing Breath

Weds 10th Feb: 10:15am -12:30pm

This bio-art project employs the use of NIRS (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) to take real-time brain-state data during a live pranayama performance. NIRS records the moment-to-moment concentration changes of oxygenated and deoxygenated haemoglobin in each hemisphere of the brain. In this presentation we will demonstrate the process of data collection via NIRS during a short pranayama practice and also examine the significance of the data collected thus far. We will also consider the next steps in re-appropriating NIRS as a control system for real-time sound, image and light creation, controlled by the pranayama practitioners moving breath. Questions and audience discussion about the project will be very much welcomed.

Chris Dorsett - Rawson’s Rasa - sensory arousal, bodily engrossment.

Thurs 11th Feb: 10:15am -12:30pm


Donna Leishman & Steve Gibson - Borderline - Mon 8th Feb: 12:30pm - 13:15pm

(NB: This performance takes place in Squires Annexe Room 009)

This text-video-sound artwork is a performative piece concerned with time-based and improvisational action, in which two participants interact together within an audio-visual environment to gain a sense of the project’s latent narrative identities. Borderline re-deploys VJ software technologies (using MIDI with MAX-MSP) to develop a dual interaction experience that uses hand-based gesture (via two graphic tablets and their pens). The two participants can choose to be social: to improvise / play /perform harmoniously together or be antisocial: to be in conflict with both the narrative and indeed with each other. Their expressive actions (for example fast / slow, long / short pen gestures) will significantly affect their narrative agency, immersion and comprehension.

Monday performances - Mon 8th Feb: 16:30pm - 18:00pm

Elvira Santamaría, Denys Blacker, Lee Hassall, Victoria Gray, Nathan Walker -

Friday performances - Fri 12th Feb: 18:00pm - 20:00pm

Elvira Santamaría, Denys Blacker, Francesca Steele, Harriet Plewis, Sarah Riseborough, Helen Collard.



Limited places, so please contact us as soon as possible for more information or if you would like to participate: Email: flarebooking@gmail.com