Feeling Safer: Bugging Out

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20 Oct 2016 - 23 Oct 2016

Gallery North exhibits at Exchange Rates, New York

"You just extinguished a human life!" - DG

Kim voted REMAIN in the EUref so he's got to get out of IMT Gallery fast before SHTF. London being underwater in a few years anyway with all the yuppies falling from towers. Kim's a TV baby so bugging out to the big city Kim saw in Home Alone 2 seems apropos of getting more guns and expert advice.

Gallery North is an externalised section of the Kim’s nervous system. Exchange Rates seems like a good environment to put Kim under a significant amount of stress. Not so much that it will kill him, but enough to be able to register the release of any stress-induced hormones. Perhaps, like a stressed octopus, he will eat himself.

🏃 🏃 🏃

FEELING SAFER: BUGGING OUT London 👉 New York, with Gallery North (Newcastle) coming like a #thirdmind #faceswap. Kim is carrying samples (AAS, Paul Barron, Verity Birt, David Burrows, Paola Ciarska, Joey Holder, Luke McCreadie, Motsonian, Maggie Roberts (0phan Drift), Theo Scott, NaoKo TakaHashi) in a case like a terror pack but really as bribes to get through check points like a family friend [poss hidden in refidgeratir truck? - check notes*]

*the truck will have a gnashing zombie torso tied to it face painted with "NO MORE TALK!" - Kim will hurl huge balls of severed gnashing zombie heads tied into huge balls with twine and standing on a hill near the Nu Earth castle he makes his body into a symbol like a big K for Kim


Visit Sluice Exchange Rates or Feeling Safer for more information