Alternative 23 visitation (traitors only, no tricksters)

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27 Feb 2015

Film and performance

0[rphan]d[rift>] ‘You Its Eyes’ (video from 5pm)

0D remix of their rave-inspired works from the mid to late 1990s. Audio by 0D’s Ocosi, Surface and Sadist, and sound made for the 0D/CCRU ‘Syzygy’ collaboration in 1999 by Kode9, vocals 0D and CCRU. ​ ​

Plastique Fantastique Diagram of (Urb-Fux Glitter) Addiction (performance from 5:45pm)

Plastique Fantastique performance (with projection and sound) of the mumming-communique: How Urb-FUX-Glitter-Junky (an ALL-STAR) incubates and spreads the Virus-Junk-GLOOP – the gift-habit of PLASTIC-Man (the ice-cream-maker) and his Running-RAT-Boyz-Cycle – until all are GLOOP-Blissed-Flat. Plastique Fantastique Diagram of (Urb-Fux Glitter) Addiction will be performed by David Burrows, Mark Jackson, Alex Marzeta, Vanessa Page, Simon O’Sullivan and Harriet Skully.

Drum Drone (performance from 6:30pm)

An hour long performance of percussive drone made up of continuous sustained rhythms with visuals from layered, cut-up found film.